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Would you like to be reminded your
stove is on for $14.99?

Your Stove Knob    +   BurnerAlert Disc   =   Stove Reminder

Get BurnerAlert

The solution is here, and it is called BurnerAlert. Make your stove intelligent by adding the BurnerAlert disc to your stove knobs.

Our lifestyle and distracted cooking.

Gas stove left on? 8-10 million people each year forget the gas stove was on. Forgetting has less to do with age and more to do with our life styles. Multi-tasking and distractions all contribute to divert our attention from our cooking.

Foregtting is age independent

Anyone at any age can become distracted while cooking. Sometimes you might burn diner, sometimes breakfast, other times you might destroy your pot or pan beyond usability. Most of the time it is only cost of diner or your pots that you need to replace.

The solution: BurnerAlert

Now there is BurnerAlert. BurnerAlert is a simple inexpensive gas stove reminder that attaches to your stove knobs to help remind you that you are still cooking on the stove in the event you become distracted and forget.

Enhance your cooking experience

Watch some of the videos and read some of the comments about Burneralert. Enhance your cooking experience while making your kitchen safer. The perfect way to help as a gas stove reminder and timer for your cooking.

Stove On?

BurnerAlert Distracted Cooking

Burner on low?


Forget the kettle?

BurnerAlert - Burned Kettle by Brooke Wiliams

Pot Destroyed?


Test out BurnerAlert here. Clicking on stove knob below will simulate how BurnerAlert works

BurnerAlert beeping intervals will occur at 3, 9, 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes. The BurnerAlert will blink for 30 seconds after each interval of beeping, except at start-up.

Stop and Reset
Time elapsed

Watch the videos below of BurnerAlert™. Stove safety and cooking safety has never been easier. Install BurnerAlert™ on each knob, turn on burner and let BurnerAlert do the reminding and the timing. Easy as 1-2-3! Each burner can be used as a reminder and a cooking timer with your BurnerAlert™.

How BurnerAlert works

Listen to the Inventor

BurnerAlert™ is the only Reminder and Timer product on the market that will attach to your gas and electric stoves knob.

Use on your cook top

Burner Alert on Horizontal Knob

Use on your range

Burner Alert on electric Stove

BurnerAlert™ is the only technology on the market that will provide an audio and visual stove reminder for each individual burner knob on both gas and electric stoves.

BurnerAlert™ as a REMINDER

Use your BurnerAlert™ to provide additional protection against forgetting your burner has been left on accidentally. Until now, new ideas for improved stove safety were non-existent. Cooking safety has just improved with the introduction of BurnerAlert. “In today's society, we get so bombarded with everyday life the phone ringing, the kids going here and there we get sidetracked. That becomes a very common thing.” Leaving the stove on low flame is sometimes impossible to notice. BurnerAlert™ will provide beeping and blinking to reminder you your stove burner is ON. This is basic fire safety for kids and cooking safety for the family. Fire prevention in the home is now easier with the introduction of BurnerAlert.

BurnerAlert™ as a COOKING TIMER

In addition to BurnerAlert™ reminding a user the stove knob is in ON POSITION BurnerAlert can be used as a cooking timer. Each individual burner can now have its own built-in cooking timer. You can time your perfect soft boiled eggs, while simultaneously cooking and timing the perfect rice. Each burner now has its own individual timer. No other product on the market can remind and time.

National Fire Protection Association:

"Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and home injuries. The leading cause of fires in the kitchen is unattended cooking. It’s important to be alert to prevent cooking fires." Source:NFPA Click here for NFPA Safety Tips